Narrow LC-DCP Plate 4.5
  • Narrow Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate. These plates are indicated for the fixation of various long bones, such as the humerus, femur, and tibia. These are also used in the fixation of peri-prosthetic fractures, osteopenic bone, and fixation of nonunions and malunions in adult patients.
  • The oval-shaped hole is designed to create dynamic pressure between the fractured bone fragments.
  • Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate has the advantage of reduced impairment of periosteal blood supply due to limited plate-periosteum contact. It reduces plate-bone contact and creates uniform strength along the plate. Reduction of the plate-bone contact minimizes the area of bone and minimizes periosteum that is damaged as a result of pressure and improves the potential for healing. The uniform strength of the plate allows smooth plate contouring and minimizes the affects of stress concentration from the plate holes without compromising overall plate strength.
  • All holes of the plate allow 4.5 mm cortical screws and end holes of the plate allow 4.0 mm cancellous screws.
  • Fixation with 4.5 & 6.5mm screws.
  • Undercuts: For reduced vascular damage.
  • The end holes can be used for cancellous bone screws.
  • The LC-DCP holes allow compression in both directions of the longitudinal axis.
  • Indication: As a neutralization and tension band plate on the tibia (not intended for the femur).

No. of Holes Stainless Steel
4 150.104
5 150.105
6 150.106
7 150.107
8 150.108
9 150.109
10 150.110
11 150.111
12 150.112
13 150.113
14 150.114
15 150.115
16 150.116
No. of Holes TITANIUM
4 Ti-150.104
5 Ti-150.105
6 Ti-150.106
7 Ti-150.107
8 Ti-150.108
9 Ti-150.109
10 Ti-150.110
11 Ti-150.111
12 Ti-150.112
13 Ti-150.113
14 Ti-150.114
15 Ti-150.115
16 Ti-150.116