RH819 - Fracture Bracing Joint



  • Flexible high-density unbreakable plastic. Suitable to be used on cast. Attaches directly to the above knee and below knee sections of cast.


  • Fracture bracing to provide functional mobility and early ambulation in post acute fracture. Post acute fracture application to provide mobility and increased muscle activity. Provides early ambulation with fractures of distal femur and proximal tibia.

RH906 - Cramer's Wire Splint

Size:Available in various sizes.


  • Concave shaped wired splint. Light weight. Malleable.


  • Emergency splinting. Splinting before applying permanent cast / plaster.

RH1012 - U' SPLINT

Size:Short arm, Long arm, Short leg, Long leg.


  • Malleable, semi-rigid, light metal splint provides support in favourable anatomical position. Provides immobilization to the injured part. Splint is X - ray translucent.


  • Emergency splinting of dislocated / fractured upper or lower limbs.

Item Code Type
RH1012 'U' Splint Short Arm
RH1013 'U' Splint Long Arm
RH1014 'U' Splint Short Leg
RH1015 'U' Splint Long Leg

RH905 - Thomas Splint

Size:XS, S, M, L, XL


  • Leather covered swivel ring, tinned, used for fractures of upper and lower thigh.

RH1018 - CTEV Splint

Size:1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Left, Right)


  • Padded splint with velcro straps. Moulded plastic out flare dynamited by the vcalgus strap.


  • Assists in correcting the equines as well as the medial rotation of tibia.

RH1020 - CTEV D.B. Splint

Size: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Left, Right)


  • Well-padded unbreakable, washable, reusable economic and light weight. Flat base to give stability to the foot preventing lateral dropping of foot.


  • An alternate to wire splint or cumbersone POP slab that can be used in pre cast conditions. To prevent lateral dropping of foot during sleep. Derotation splint to prevent hip rotation following surgical procedures.