RH047 - Bandage Skin Traction

The complete orthopaedic Bandage for giving Skin traction in fracture femur. Includes hypoallergenic adhesive plaster, plastic plate, cord & crepe bandage. It is so convenient to use that the Doctor who uses it once loves to use it again and again. It is time saver, money saver, easy & quick to apply for the doctor and safe for sensitive skin patients due to hypoallergenic adhesive. Is sealed in two pouches - one inside the other to avoid spoiling before use.


  • Easy to unroll & Easy to mould.
  • Gives smooth finish if massaged with gloved hands.
  • No need to store in refrigerator as it is specially designed for tropical climates.
  • Available in bright colours like Yellow, Orange, Green and White etc.

How to apply :

  • Shave the skin, wash with soap & water & dry it.
  • Keep the plate on the heal.
  • Take off the release paper from other side of adhesive tape & now stick to that side of leg.
  • Wrap the crepe bandage but not too tight.
  • Now tie one or two bricks or sand bag to the string attached to plastic plate & hang to the edge of the bed

Item Code Size
RH047 Skin Traction Kit (without pulley bkt.& weight), Sizes Child, Adult.
RH048 Skin Traction Kit (with pulley bkt. & without weight).
RH049 Skin Traction Kit (with pulley bkt. & weight bag).

SD401 - Orthopaedic Bandage/Padding
Item Code Size
SD401 15.00cm x.2.70m
SD402 10.00cm x 2.70m
SD403 7.50cm x 2.70m
SD404 5.00cm x 2.70m

SD501 - Elastic Adhesive Bandage, B.P
Item Code Size
SD501 15.0 cm x 4/6 m (Streched Length)
SD502 10.0 cm x 4/6 m (Streched Length)
SD503 8.0 cm x 4/6 m (Streched Length)
SD504 7.5 cm x 4/6 m (Streched Length)
SD505 6.0 cm x 4/6 m (Streched Length)
SD506 5.0 cm x 4/6 m (Streched Length)

RH803-15 - Cotton Crepe Bandage, B.P.

  • Elastic crepe bandage with fast edges is made from cotton and viscose distinct crepe characteristic through elastic and non-elastic warp thread of 100% cotton.


  • Sprains and dislocations painful joints Ulcers varicose veins Cramps, burns, skin grafting Post operative conditions sports mishaps

Item Code Title
RH803-15 15.00cm x 4.00m (stretched)
RH803-10 10.00cm x 4.00m (stretched)
RH803-07 7.50cm x 4.00m (stretched)
RH803-05 5.00cm x 4.00m (stretched)