• ENDERS Nail are used to fix the fracture of Neck Trochanteric and Subtrochanteric regions of Femur, Distal Femoral fractures, Tibial Shaft fractures, and Proximal Humeral fractures.
  • When these types of nails are used they will be used opposingly in pairs. The nail will be bent to provide three-point fixation. The ideal fixation points will be at the insertion site, the fracture site, and some point beyond the fracture site.
  • Enders Nails in Titanium are available on request.
Length in cm STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
2 mm 2.5 mm 3 mm 3.5 mm 4 mm 4.5 mm
24 EN2-24 EN2.5-24 EN3-24 EN3.5-24 EN4-24 EN4.5-24
25 EN2-25 EN2.5-25 EN3-25 EN3.5-25 EN4-25 EN4.5-25
26 EN2-26 EN2.5-26 EN3-26 EN3.5-26 EN4-26 EN4.5-26
27 EN2-27 EN2.5-27 EN3-27 EN3.5-27 EN4-27 EN4.5-27
28 EN2-28 EN2.5-28 EN3-28 EN3.5-28 EN4-28 EN4.5-28
29 EN2-29 EN2.5-29 EN3-29 EN3.5-29 EN4-29 EN4.5-29
30 EN2-30 EN2.5-30 EN3-30 EN3.5-30 EN4-30 EN4.5-30
31 EN2-31 EN2.5-31 EN3-31 EN3.5-31 EN4-31 EN4.5-31
32 EN2-32 EN2.5-32 EN3-32 EN3.5-32 EN4-32 EN4.5-32
33 EN2-33 EN2.5-33 EN3-33 EN3.5-33 EN4-33 EN4.5-33
34 EN2-34 EN2.5-34 EN3-34 EN3.5-34 EN4-34 EN4.5-34
35 EN2-35 EN2.5-35 EN3-35 EN3.5-35 EN4-35 EN4.5-35
36 EN2-36 EN2.5-36 EN3-36 EN3.5-36 EN4-36 EN4.5-36
37 EN2-37 EN2.5-37 EN3-37 EN3.5-37 EN4-37 EN4.5-37
38 EN2-38 EN2.5-38 EN3-38 EN3.5-38 EN4-38 EN4.5-38
39 EN2-39 EN2.5-39 EN3-39 EN3.5-39 EN4-39 EN4.5-39
40 EN2-40 EN2.5-40 EN3-40 EN3.5-40 EN4-40 EN4.5-40
41 EN2-41 EN2.5-41 EN3-41 EN3.5-41 EN4-41 EN4.5-41
42 EN2-42 EN2.5-42 EN3-42 EN3.5-42 EN4-42 EN4.5-42
43 EN2-43 EN2.5-43 EN3-43 EN3.5-43 EN4-43 EN4.5-43
44 EN2-44 EN2.5-44 EN3-44 EN3.5-44 EN4-44 EN4.5-44

Instruments for ENDERS Nail
Instruments for ENDERS Nail
Codes Set Consisting of :
508.001 Enders Nail Extractor
508.003 Enders Nail Bender (Pair)
508.007 Enders Nail Impactor / Driver