5.0mm Safety Lock Screw Ø5.0mm (Star Head) 5.0mm Cancellous 5.0mm Cannulated Cancellous 5.0mm Cannulated 6.5mm Cancellous 6.5mm Cannulated Cancellous 7.3mm Cannulated Cancellous
Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm
Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm


  • Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm These screws are used to fix large fragment implants.
  • The cortical screw is indicated for use in the hard cortical region of the bone.
  • A larger core dia of the screw provides strength and a threaded head facilitates locking in the plate.
  • The self-tapping feature eliminates the use of the bone tap.
  • These screws are also available with the self-drilling feature.
  • Drill Bit: 4.3mm

Length in mm Stainless Steel Titanium
Self Tapping Self Tapping & Self Drilling Self Tapping Self Tapping & Self Drilling
12 SF-500.012 SF-500.212 Ti-SF-500.012 Ti-SF-500.212
14 SF-500.014 SF-500.214 Ti-SF-500.014 Ti-SF-500.214
16 SF-500.016 SF-500.216 Ti-SF-500.016 Ti-SF-500.216
18 SF-500.018 SF-500.218 Ti-SF-500.018 Ti-SF-500.218
20 SF-500.020 SF-500.220 Ti-SF-500.020 Ti-SF-500.220
22 SF-500.022 SF-500.222 Ti-SF-500.022 Ti-SF-500.222
24 SF-500.024 SF-500.224 Ti-SF-500.024 Ti-SF-500.224
26 SF-500.026 SF-500.226 Ti-SF-500.026 Ti-SF-500.226
28 SF-500.028 SF-500.228 Ti-SF-500.028 Ti-SF-500.228
30 SF-500.030 SF-500.230 Ti-SF-500.030 Ti-SF-500.230
32 SF-500.032 SF-500.232 Ti-SF-500.032 Ti-SF-500.232
34 SF-500.034 SF-500.234 Ti-SF-500.034 Ti-SF-500.234
36 SF-500.036 SF-500.236 Ti-SF-500.036 Ti-SF-500.236
38 SF-500.038 SF-500.238 Ti-SF-500.038 Ti-SF-500.238
40 SF-500.040 SF-500.240 Ti-SF-500.040 Ti-SF-500.240
42 SF-500.042 SF-500.242 Ti-SF-500.042 Ti-SF-500.242
44 SF-500.044 SF-500.244 Ti-SF-500.044 Ti-SF-500.244
46 SF-500.046 SF-500.246 Ti-SF-500.046 Ti-SF-500.246
48 SF-500.048 SF-500.248 Ti-SF-500.048 Ti-SF-500.248
50 SF-500.050 SF-500.250 Ti-SF-500.050 Ti-SF-500.250
55 SF-500.055 SF-500.255 Ti-SF-500.055 Ti-SF-500.255
60 SF-500.060 SF-500.260 Ti-SF-500.060 Ti-SF-500.260
65 SF-500.065 SF-500.265 Ti-SF-500.065 Ti-SF-500.265
70 SF-500.070 SF-500.270 Ti-SF-500.070 Ti-SF-500.270
75 SF-500.075 SF-500.275 Ti-SF-500.075 Ti-SF-500.275
80 SF-500.080 SF-500.280 Ti-SF-500.080 Ti-SF-500.280
85 SF-500.085 SF-500.285 Ti-SF-500.085 Ti-SF-500.285
90 SF-500.090 SF-500.290 Ti-SF-500.090 Ti-SF-500.290

Safety Lock Screw Ø5.0mm (Star Head)
Safety Lock Screw Ø5.0mm (Star Head)


Length in mm Stainless Steel Titanium
Self Tapping Self Tapping & Self Drilling Self Tapping Self Tapping & Self Drilling
12 SF-500S.012 SF-500S.212 Ti-SF-500S.012 Ti-SF-500S.212
14 SF-500S.014 SF-500S.214 Ti-SF-500S.014 Ti-SF-500S.214
16 SF-500S.016 SF-500S.216 Ti-SF-500S.016 Ti-SF-500S.216
18 SF-500S.018 SF-500S.218 Ti-SF-500S.018 Ti-SF-500S.218
20 SF-500S.020 SF-500S.220 Ti-SF-500S.020 Ti-SF-500S.220
22 SF-500S.022 SF-500S.222 Ti-SF-500S.022 Ti-SF-500S.222
24 SF-500S.024 SF-500S.224 Ti-SF-500S.024 Ti-SF-500S.224
26 SF-500S.026 SF-500S.226 Ti-SF-500S.026 Ti-SF-500S.226
28 SF-500S.028 SF-500S.228 Ti-SF-500S.028 Ti-SF-500S.228
30 SF-500S.030 SF-500S.230 Ti-SF-500S.030 Ti-SF-500S.230
32 SF-500S.032 SF-500S.232 Ti-SF-500S.032 Ti-SF-500S.232
34 SF-500S.034 SF-500S.234 Ti-SF-500S.034 Ti-SF-500S.234
36 SF-500S.036 SF-500S.236 Ti-SF-500S.036 Ti-SF-500S.236
38 SF-500S.038 SF-500S.238 Ti-SF-500S.038 Ti-SF-500S.238
40 SF-500S.040 SF-500S.240 Ti-SF-500S.040 Ti-SF-500S.240
42 SF-500S.042 SF-500S.242 Ti-SF-500S.042 Ti-SF-500S.242
44 SF-500S.044 SF-500S.244 Ti-SF-500S.044 Ti-SF-500S.244
46 SF-500S.046 SF-500S.246 Ti-SF-500S.046 Ti-SF-500S.246
48 SF-500S.048 SF-500S.248 Ti-SF-500S.048 Ti-SF-500S.248
50 SF-500S.050 SF-500S.250 Ti-SF-500S.050 Ti-SF-500S.250
55 SF-500S.055 SF-500S.255 Ti-SF-500S.055 Ti-SF-500S.255
60 SF-500S.060 SF-500S.260 Ti-SF-500S.060 Ti-SF-500S.260
65 SF-500S.065 SF-500S.265 Ti-SF-500S.065 Ti-SF-500S.265
70 SF-500S.070 SF-500S.270 Ti-SF-500S.070 Ti-SF-500S.270
75 SF-500S.075 SF-500S.275 Ti-SF-500S.075 Ti-SF-500S.275
80 SF-500S.080 SF-500S.280 Ti-SF-500S.080 Ti-SF-500S.280
85 SF-500S.085 SF-500S.285 Ti-SF-500S.085 Ti-SF-500S.285
90 SF-500S.090 SF-500S.290 Ti-SF-500S.090 Ti-SF-500S.290

Cancellous Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm
Length in mm Code - Full Thread Code - 16mm Thread Code - 32mm Thread
S.S Titanium S.S Titanium S.S Titanium
25 SF-500.725 Ti-SF-500.725 SF-500.325 Ti-SF-500.325 - -
30 SF-500.730 Ti-SF-500.730 SF-500.330 Ti-SF-500.330 - -
35 SF-500.735 Ti-SF-500.735 SF-500.335 Ti-SF-500.335 - -
40 SF-500.740 Ti-SF-500.740 SF-500.340 Ti-SF-500.340 SF-500.540 Ti-SF-500.540
45 SF-500.745 Ti-SF-500.745 SF-500.345 Ti-SF-500.345 SF-500.545 Ti-SF-500.545
50 SF-500.750 Ti-SF-500.750 SF-500.350 Ti-SF-500.350 SF-500.550 Ti-SF-500.550
55 SF-500.755 Ti-SF-500.755 SF-500.355 Ti-SF-500.355 SF-500.555 Ti-SF-500.555
60 SF-500.760 Ti-SF-500.760 SF-500.360 Ti-SF-500.360 SF-500.560 Ti-SF-500.560
65 SF-500.765 Ti-SF-500.765 SF-500.365 Ti-SF-500.365 SF-500.565 Ti-SF-500.565
70 SF-500.770 Ti-SF-500.770 SF-500.370 Ti-SF-500.370 SF-500.570 Ti-SF-500.570
75 SF-500.775 Ti-SF-500.775 SF-500.375 Ti-SF-500.375 SF-500.575 Ti-SF-500.575
80 SF-500.780 Ti-SF-500.780 SF-500.380 Ti-SF-500.380 SF-500.580 Ti-SF-500.580
85 SF-500.785 Ti-SF-500.785 SF-500.385 Ti-SF-500.385 SF-500.585 Ti-SF-500.585
90 SF-500.790 Ti-SF-500.790 SF-500.390 Ti-SF-500.390 SF-500.590 Ti-SF-500.590
95 SF-500.795 Ti-SF-500.795 SF-500.395 Ti-SF-500.395 SF-500.595 Ti-SF-500.595
100 SF-500.800 Ti-SF-500.800 SF-500.400 Ti-SF-500.400 SF-500.600 Ti-SF-500.600
105 SF-500.805 Ti-SF-500.805 SF-500.405 Ti-SF-500.405 SF-500.605 Ti-SF-500.605
110 SF-500.810 Ti-SF-500.810 SF-500.410 Ti-SF-500.410 SF-500.610 Ti-SF-500.610
115 SF-500.815 Ti-SF-500.815 SF-500.415 Ti-SF-500.415 SF-500.615 Ti-SF-500.615
120 SF-500.820 Ti-SF-500.820 SF-500.420 Ti-SF-500.420 SF-500.620 Ti-SF-500.620

Cannulated Cancellous Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm
Length in mm Code - Full Thread Code - 16mm Thread Code - 32mm Thread
S.S Titanium S.S Titanium S.S Titanium
25 SF-501.725 Ti-SF-501.725 SF-503.325 Ti-SF-503.325 - -
30 SF-501.730 Ti-SF-501.730 SF-503.330 Ti-SF-503.330 - -
35 SF-501.735 Ti-SF-501.735 SF-503.335 Ti-SF-503.335 - -
40 SF-501.740 Ti-SF-501.740 SF-503.340 Ti-SF-503.340 SF-503.540 Ti-SF-503.540
45 SF-501.745 Ti-SF-501.745 SF-503.345 Ti-SF-503.345 SF-503.545 Ti-SF-503.545
50 SF-501.750 Ti-SF-501.750 SF-503.350 Ti-SF-503.350 SF-503.550 Ti-SF-503.550
55 SF-501.755 Ti-SF-501.755 SF-503.355 Ti-SF-503.355 SF-503.555 Ti-SF-503.555
60 SF-501.760 Ti-SF-501.760 SF-503.360 Ti-SF-503.360 SF-503.560 Ti-SF-503.560
65 SF-501.765 Ti-SF-501.765 SF-503.365 Ti-SF-503.365 SF-503.565 Ti-SF-503.565
70 SF-501.770 Ti-SF-501.770 SF-503.370 Ti-SF-503.370 SF-503.570 Ti-SF-503.570
75 SF-501.775 Ti-SF-501.775 SF-503.375 Ti-SF-503.375 SF-503.575 Ti-SF-503.575
80 SF-501.780 Ti-SF-501.780 SF-503.380 Ti-SF-503.380 SF-503.580 Ti-SF-503.580
85 SF-501.785 Ti-SF-501.785 SF-503.385 Ti-SF-503.385 SF-503.585 Ti-SF-503.585
90 SF-501.790 Ti-SF-501.790 SF-503.390 Ti-SF-503.390 SF-503.590 Ti-SF-503.590
95 SF-501.795 Ti-SF-501.795 SF-503.395 Ti-SF-503.395 SF-503.595 Ti-SF-503.595
100 SF-501.800 Ti-SF-501.800 SF-503.400 Ti-SF-503.400 SF-503.600 Ti-SF-503.600
105 SF-501.805 Ti-SF-501.805 SF-503.405 Ti-SF-503.405 SF-503.605 Ti-SF-503.605
110 SF-501.810 Ti-SF-501.810 SF-503.410 Ti-SF-503.410 SF-503.610 Ti-SF-503.610
115 SF-501.815 Ti-SF-501.815 SF-503.415 Ti-SF-503.415 SF-503.615 Ti-SF-503.615
120 SF-501.820 Ti-SF-501.820 SF-503.420 Ti-SF-503.420 SF-503.620 Ti-SF-503.620

Cannulated Safety Lock Screw Ø 5.0mm
Length in mm Code - Full Thread Code - 16mm Thread Code - 32mm Thread
S.S Titanium S.S Titanium S.S Titanium
25 SF-506.725 Ti-SF-506.725 SF-506.325 Ti-SF-506.325 - -
30 SF-506.730 Ti-SF-506.730 SF-506.330 Ti-SF-506.330 - -
35 SF-506.735 Ti-SF-506.735 SF-506.335 Ti-SF-506.335 - -
40 SF-506.740 Ti-SF-506.740 SF-506.340 Ti-SF-506.340 SF-506.540 Ti-SF-506.540
45 SF-506.745 Ti-SF-506.745 SF-506.345 Ti-SF-506.345 SF-506.545 Ti-SF-506.545
50 SF-506.750 Ti-SF-506.750 SF-506.350 Ti-SF-506.350 SF-506.550 Ti-SF-506.550
55 SF-506.755 Ti-SF-506.755 SF-506.355 Ti-SF-506.355 SF-506.555 Ti-SF-506.555
60 SF-506.760 Ti-SF-506.760 SF-506.360 Ti-SF-506.360 SF-506.560 Ti-SF-506.560
65 SF-506.765 Ti-SF-506.765 SF-506.365 Ti-SF-506.365 SF-506.565 Ti-SF-506.565
70 SF-506.770 Ti-SF-506.770 SF-506.370 Ti-SF-506.370 SF-506.570 Ti-SF-506.570
75 SF-506.775 Ti-SF-506.775 SF-506.375 Ti-SF-506.375 SF-506.575 Ti-SF-506.575
80 SF-506.780 Ti-SF-506.780 SF-506.380 Ti-SF-506.380 SF-506.580 Ti-SF-506.580
85 SF-506.785 Ti-SF-506.785 SF-506.385 Ti-SF-506.385 SF-506.585 Ti-SF-506.585
90 SF-506.790 Ti-SF-506.790 SF-506.390 Ti-SF-506.390 SF-506.590 Ti-SF-506.590
95 SF-506.795 Ti-SF-506.795 SF-506.395 Ti-SF-506.395 SF-506.595 Ti-SF-506.595
100 SF-506.800 Ti-SF-506.800 SF-506.400 Ti-SF-506.400 SF-506.600 Ti-SF-506.600
105 SF-506.805 Ti-SF-506.805 SF-506.405 Ti-SF-506.405 SF-506.605 Ti-SF-506.605
110 SF-506.810 Ti-SF-506.810 SF-506.410 Ti-SF-506.410 SF-506.610 Ti-SF-506.610
115 SF-506.815 Ti-SF-506.815 SF-506.415 Ti-SF-506.415 SF-506.615 Ti-SF-506.615
120 SF-506.820 Ti-SF-506.820 SF-506.420 Ti-SF-506.420 SF-506.620 Ti-SF-506.620

Cancellous Safety Lock Screw Ø 6.5mm
Length in mm Code - Full Thread Code - 16mm Thread Code - 32mm Thread
S.S Titanium S.S Titanium S.S Titanium
25 SF-504.125 Ti-SF-504.125 SF-501.325 Ti-SF-501.325 - -
30 SF-504.130 Ti-SF-504.130 SF-501.330 Ti-SF-501.330 - -
35 SF-504.135 Ti-SF-504.135 SF-501.335 Ti-SF-501.335 - -
40 SF-504.140 Ti-SF-504.140 SF-501.340 Ti-SF-501.340 SF-501.540 Ti-SF-501.540
45 SF-504.145 Ti-SF-504.145 SF-501.345 Ti-SF-501.345 SF-501.545 Ti-SF-501.545
50 SF-504.150 Ti-SF-504.150 SF-501.350 Ti-SF-501.350 SF-501.550 Ti-SF-501.550
55 SF-504.155 Ti-SF-504.155 SF-501.355 Ti-SF-501.355 SF-501.555 Ti-SF-501.555
60 SF-504.160 Ti-SF-504.160 SF-501.360 Ti-SF-501.360 SF-501.560 Ti-SF-501.560
65 SF-504.165 Ti-SF-504.165 SF-501.365 Ti-SF-501.365 SF-501.565 Ti-SF-501.565
70 SF-504.170 Ti-SF-504.170 SF-501.370 Ti-SF-501.370 SF-501.570 Ti-SF-501.570
75 SF-504.175 Ti-SF-504.175 SF-501.375 Ti-SF-501.375 SF-501.575 Ti-SF-501.575
80 SF-504.180 Ti-SF-504.180 SF-501.380 Ti-SF-501.380 SF-501.580 Ti-SF-501.580
85 SF-504.185 Ti-SF-504.185 SF-501.385 Ti-SF-501.385 SF-501.585 Ti-SF-501.585
90 SF-504.190 Ti-SF-504.190 SF-501.390 Ti-SF-501.390 SF-501.590 Ti-SF-501.590
95 SF-504.195 Ti-SF-504.195 SF-501.395 Ti-SF-501.395 SF-501.595 Ti-SF-501.595
100 SF-504.200 Ti-SF-504.200 SF-501.400 Ti-SF-501.400 SF-501.600 Ti-SF-501.600
105 SF-504.205 Ti-SF-504.205 SF-501.405 Ti-SF-501.405 SF-501.605 Ti-SF-501.605
110 SF-504.210 Ti-SF-504.210 SF-501.410 Ti-SF-501.410 SF-501.610 Ti-SF-501.610
115 SF-504.215 Ti-SF-504.215 SF-501.415 Ti-SF-501.415 SF-501.615 Ti-SF-501.615
120 SF-504.220 Ti-SF-504.220 SF-501.420 Ti-SF-501.420 SF-501.620 Ti-SF-501.620

Cannulated Cancellous Safety Lock Screw Ø 6.5mm
Length in mm Code - Full Thread Code - 16mm Thread Code - 32mm Thread
S.S Titanium S.S Titanium S.S Titanium
25 SF-504.325 Ti-SF-504.325 SF-507.325 Ti-SF-507.325 - -
30 SF-504.330 Ti-SF-504.330 SF-507.330 Ti-SF-507.330 - -
35 SF-504.335 Ti-SF-504.335 SF-507.335 Ti-SF-507.335 - -
40 SF-504.340 Ti-SF-504.340 SF-507.340 Ti-SF-507.340 SF-507.540 Ti-SF-507.540
45 SF-504.345 Ti-SF-504.345 SF-507.345 Ti-SF-507.345 SF-507.545 Ti-SF-507.545
50 SF-504.350 Ti-SF-504.350 SF-507.350 Ti-SF-507.350 SF-507.550 Ti-SF-507.550
55 SF-504.355 Ti-SF-504.355 SF-507.355 Ti-SF-507.355 SF-507.555 Ti-SF-507.555
60 SF-504.360 Ti-SF-504.360 SF-507.360 Ti-SF-507.360 SF-507.560 Ti-SF-507.560
65 SF-504.365 Ti-SF-504.365 SF-507.365 Ti-SF-507.365 SF-507.565 Ti-SF-507.565
70 SF-504.370 Ti-SF-504.370 SF-507.370 Ti-SF-507.370 SF-507.570 Ti-SF-507.570
75 SF-504.375 Ti-SF-504.375 SF-507.375 Ti-SF-507.375 SF-507.575 Ti-SF-507.575
80 SF-504.380 Ti-SF-504.380 SF-507.380 Ti-SF-507.380 SF-507.580 Ti-SF-507.580
85 SF-504.385 Ti-SF-504.385 SF-507.385 Ti-SF-507.385 SF-507.585 Ti-SF-507.585
90 SF-504.390 Ti-SF-504.390 SF-507.390 Ti-SF-507.390 SF-507.590 Ti-SF-507.590
95 SF-504.395 Ti-SF-504.395 SF-507.395 Ti-SF-507.395 SF-507.595 Ti-SF-507.595
100 SF-504.400 Ti-SF-504.400 SF-507.400 Ti-SF-507.400 SF-507.600 Ti-SF-507.600
105 SF-504.405 Ti-SF-504.405 SF-507.405 Ti-SF-507.405 SF-507.605 Ti-SF-507.605
110 SF-504.410 Ti-SF-504.410 SF-507.410 Ti-SF-507.410 SF-507.610 Ti-SF-507.610
115 SF-504.415 Ti-SF-504.415 SF-507.415 Ti-SF-507.415 SF-507.615 Ti-SF-507.615
120 SF-504.420 Ti-SF-504.420 SF-507.420 Ti-SF-507.420 SF-507.620 Ti-SF-507.620

Cannulated Cancellous Safety Lock Screw Ø 7.3mm
  • 7.3mm Ø Cannulated Cancellous Safety Lock Screws. These screws are used to fix Proximal Femoral Safety Lock Plate 4.5/5.0mm.
  • Cannulation allows the use of a 2.5 mm guide wire for easy positioning of the screw.
  • The cancellous screw is indicated for use in the soft cancellous region of the bone.
  • The deep buttress thread design increases pull-out resistance in soft cancellous bone.

Length in mm Code - Full Thread Code - 16mm Thread Code - 32mm Thread
S.S Titanium S.S Titanium S.S Titanium
25 SF-505.725 Ti-SF-505.725 SF-505.325 Ti-SF-505.325 - -
30 SF-505.730 Ti-SF-505.730 SF-505.330 Ti-SF-505.330 - -
35 SF-505.735 Ti-SF-505.735 SF-505.335 Ti-SF-505.335 - -
40 SF-505.740 Ti-SF-505.740 SF-505.340 Ti-SF-505.340 SF-505.540 Ti-SF-505.540
45 SF-505.745 Ti-SF-505.745 SF-505.345 Ti-SF-505.345 SF-505.545 Ti-SF-505.545
50 SF-505.750 Ti-SF-505.750 SF-505.350 Ti-SF-505.350 SF-505.550 Ti-SF-505.550
55 SF-505.755 Ti-SF-505.755 SF-505.355 Ti-SF-505.355 SF-505.555 Ti-SF-505.555
60 SF-505.760 Ti-SF-505.760 SF-505.360 Ti-SF-505.360 SF-505.560 Ti-SF-505.560
65 SF-505.765 Ti-SF-505.765 SF-505.365 Ti-SF-505.365 SF-505.565 Ti-SF-505.565
70 SF-505.770 Ti-SF-505.770 SF-505.370 Ti-SF-505.370 SF-505.570 Ti-SF-505.570
75 SF-505.775 Ti-SF-505.775 SF-505.375 Ti-SF-505.375 SF-505.575 Ti-SF-505.575
80 SF-505.780 Ti-SF-505.780 SF-505.380 Ti-SF-505.380 SF-505.580 Ti-SF-505.580
85 SF-505.785 Ti-SF-505.785 SF-505.385 Ti-SF-505.385 SF-505.585 Ti-SF-505.585
90 SF-505.790 Ti-SF-505.790 SF-505.390 Ti-SF-505.390 SF-505.590 Ti-SF-505.590
95 SF-505.795 Ti-SF-505.795 SF-505.395 Ti-SF-505.395 SF-505.595 Ti-SF-505.595
100 SF-505.800 Ti-SF-505.800 SF-505.400 Ti-SF-505.400 SF-505.600 Ti-SF-505.600
105 SF-505.805 Ti-SF-505.805 SF-505.405 Ti-SF-505.405 SF-505.605 Ti-SF-505.605
110 SF-505.810 Ti-SF-505.810 SF-505.410 Ti-SF-505.410 SF-505.610 Ti-SF-505.610
115 SF-505.815 Ti-SF-505.815 SF-505.415 Ti-SF-505.415 SF-505.615 Ti-SF-505.615
120 SF-505.820 Ti-SF-505.820 SF-505.420 Ti-SF-505.420 SF-505.620 Ti-SF-505.620