Metaphyseal Safety Lock Plate 3.5/4.5/5.0 for Distal Tibia Metaphyseal Safety Lock Plate 3.5/4.5/5.0 - Broad
Metaphyseal Safety Lock Plate 3.5/4.5/5.0 for Distal Tibia


  • The LCP Metaphyseal Plate for distal medial tibia is a preshaped plate that allows optimal treatment of juxta-articular fractures of the distal tibia extending into the shaft area. This plate takes the following characteristics of the distal tibia into account:
  • Thin, soft tissue coverage.
  • The complex anatomic shape of the bone.
  • Plate Features:

  • Anatomically pre-contoured plate: The anatomical shape of the plate is especially designed to fit the complex shape of the distal part of the bone. A twist of the plate optimizes the fit on the tibia.
  • Thinned plate profile: The distal part of the plate is tapered to preserve the thin soft tissue envelope of the distal tibia.
  • Optimal distal application of the locking head screws: The specific orientation of the four distal screws allows optimal fixation in the epiphyseal area without penetrating the articulation.
  • Improved vascularisation of the bone due to plate undercuts that reduce the plate-to-bone contact.

Left Right
4+4 SF-617.04L SF-617.04R
4+5 SF-617.05L SF-617.05R
4+6 SF-617.06L SF-617.06R
4+7 SF-617.07L SF-617.07R
4+8 SF-617.08L SF-617.08R
4+9 SF-617.09L SF-617.09R
4+10 SF-617.10L SF-617.10R
4+12 SF-617.11L SF-617.11R
4+14 SF-617.12L SF-617.12R
4+16 SF-617.13L SF-617.13R
4+18 SF-617.14L SF-617.14R
4+20 SF-617.15L SF-617.15R
No. of Holes TITANIUM
Left Right
4+4 Ti-SF-617.04L Ti-SF-617.04R
4+5 Ti-SF-617.05L Ti-SF-617.05R
4+6 Ti-SF-617.06L Ti-SF-617.06R
4+7 Ti-SF-617.07L Ti-SF-617.07R
4+8 Ti-SF-617.08L Ti-SF-617.08R
4+9 Ti-SF-617.09L Ti-SF-617.09R
4+10 Ti-SF-617.10L Ti-SF-617.10R
4+12 Ti-SF-617.11L Ti-SF-617.11R
4+14 Ti-SF-617.12L Ti-SF-617.12R
4+16 Ti-SF-617.13L Ti-SF-617.13R
4+18 Ti-SF-617.14L Ti-SF-617.14R
4+20 Ti-SF-617.15L Ti-SF-617.15R

Metaphyseal Safety Lock Plate 3.5/4.5/5.0 - Broad


  • The Metaphyseal plates are indicated for extra-articular fractures of the metaphyseal area that extend into the shaft. The Metaphyseal plate 3.5/4.5/5.0 is indicated for distal tibial and proximal humeral fractures.
  • Plate Features:

  • Safety Locking combi-holes allow uncompromising combinations: The combi-hole allows an internal plate fixation using standard screws, angular stable locking screws, or a combination of both. This takes into account the most diverse intraoperative requirements.
  • Angular stability allows for better fixation: The angle- and axis-stable locking screws prevent loss of reduction under load. Precise anatomical contouring of the plate is unnecessary when using this system as a locking internal fixator.
  • Easier plate contouring due to thinned plate profile: The plate design facilitates anatomical contouring considerably, whilst taking into account the distinctive features of the metaphyseal bone area (e.g. complex bone shapes, thin soft tissue envelope).
  • Extra-articular fixation with the advantage of angled locking screws: The two distal holes in the thinned area of the plate, which are angled at 11° towards the center of the plate, allow an optimal application of the locking screws in the epiphyseal area.
  • Improved vascularization of the periost due to plate undercuts that reduce the plate-to-bone contact.
  • The elongated hole in the shaft optimizes fine-tuning of the reduction in the longitudinal axis.
  • The Metaphyseal Safety Lock Plates have both compression and locking holes. The plates accept 3.5 / 4.5 mm cortex, 3.5, 4.0, & 5.0 mm safety lock and 4.0mm / 6.5 mm cancellous screws.

5+3 SF-615.03
5+4 SF-615.04
5+5 SF-615.05
5+6 SF-615.06
5+7 SF-615.07
5+8 SF-615.08
5+9 SF-615.09
5+11 SF-615.11
5+13 SF-615.13
5+15 SF-615.15
No. of Holes TITANIUM
5+3 Ti-SF-615.03
5+4 Ti-SF-615.04
5+5 Ti-SF-615.05
5+6 Ti-SF-615.06
5+7 Ti-SF-615.07
5+8 Ti-SF-615.08
5+9 Ti-SF-615.09
5+11 Ti-SF-615.11
5+13 Ti-SF-615.13
5+15 Ti-SF-615.15