Perfect Femoral Nail - Cannulated (Short) End Caps
Perfect Femoral Nails:

Our Perfect Femoral Nail with standard locking is indicated for fractures in femoral shaft and with Recon Locking for fractures in the femoral shaft in combination with femoral neck fractures. Additionally, our Perfect Femoral Nail is indicated for fractures in the subtrochanteric section with :

  • Advanced Anatomical Nail Design: Optimal fit in bone & easier insertion and extraction. Titanium Alloy for improved mechanical and fatigue properties.
  • Optimal Lateral entry point: Time-saving surgical technique, Easier and safer access to entry site, Less soft tissue damage.
  • Improved Locking Options: Higher angular stability through multiplaner screws, less damage of soft tissues, and improved mechanical resistance.
  • Anatomical Design with Right and Left Nail.
  • Use with Instrument Set - AS074

Perfect Femoral Nail - Cannulated (Short)
  • Use 4.8mm Locking Screw for Standard Locking
  • Use 6.35mm Hip Screws for Recon Locking
Length in mm STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
180 PF09-18 PF10-18 PF11-18 PF12-18 PF13-18
200 PF09-20 PF10-20 PF11-20 PF12-20 PF13-20
220 PF09-22 PF10-22 PF11-22 PF12-22 PF13-22
240 PF09-24 PF10-24 PF11-24 PF12-24 PF13-24
Length in mm TITANIUM - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
180 Ti-PF09-18 Ti-PF10-18 Ti-PF11-18 Ti-PF12-18 Ti-PF13-18
200 Ti-PF09-20 Ti-PF10-20 Ti-PF11-20 Ti-PF12-20 Ti-PF13-20
220 Ti-PF09-22 Ti-PF10-22 Ti-PF11-22 Ti-PF12-22 Ti-PF13-22
240 Ti-PF09-24 Ti-PF10-24 Ti-PF11-24 Ti-PF12-24 Ti-PF13-24
Primary 3

End Cap for Perfect Femoral Nails
Extn. in mm S.S TITANIUM
0 PFE-00 Ti-PFE-00
5 PFE-05 Ti-PFE-05
10 PFE.10 Ti-PFE-10
15 PFE.15 Ti-PFE.15
20 PFE.20 Ti-PFE.20
  • 0mm - sits flush with end of nail 5, 10, 15 and 20 mm extension - extend nail height if nail is overinserted