Multi-Fix Femoral Nail – Unreamed End Caps
Multi-Fix Femoral Nail – Unreamed with Multiple Locking Options
  • Same Nail for Right & Left Leg.
  • Use with Instrument Set - AS071/AS071DJ
  • Our Multi-fix Tibial & Femoral Nails have dynamic compression hole. Active compression, through intramedullary compression nailing Dynamic Holes, has great utility for treating non-unions where it provides greater degree of impaction of its irregular ends. This may prove greatly advantageous to the fracture union through increased stability and the osteogenic potential, particularly when utilized in combination with the small diameter unreamed nails.
Length in cm STAINLESS STEEL - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm
32 XPFNU09-32U XPFNU10-32U
33 XPFNU09-33U XPFNU10-33U
34 XPFNU09-34U XPFNU10-34U
35 XPFNU09-35U XPFNU10-35U
36 XPFNU09-36U XPFNU10-36U
37 XPFNU09-37U XPFNU10-37U
38 XPFNU09-38U XPFNU10-38U
39 XPFNU09-39U XPFNU10-39U
40 XPFNU09-40U XPFNU10-40U
41 XPFNU09-41U XPFNU10-41U
42 XPFNU09-42U XPFNU10-42U
43 XPFNU09-43U XPFNU10-43U
44 XPFNU09-44U XPFNU10-44U
45 XPFNU09-45U XPFNU10-45U
46 XPFNU09-46U XPFNU10-46U
Length in mm TITANIUM - Diameter in mm
9 mm 10 mm
32 Ti-XPFNU09-32U Ti-XPFNU10-32U
33 Ti-XPFNU09-33U Ti-XPFNU10-33U
34 Ti-XPFNU09-34U Ti-XPFNU10-34U
35 Ti-XPFNU09-35U Ti-XPFNU10-35U
36 Ti-XPFNU09-36U Ti-XPFNU10-36U
37 Ti-XPFNU09-37U Ti-XPFNU10-37U
38 Ti-XPFNU09-38U Ti-XPFNU10-38U
39 Ti-XPFNU09-39U Ti-XPFNU10-39U
40 Ti-XPFNU09-40U Ti-XPFNU10-40U
41 Ti-XPFNU09-41U Ti-XPFNU10-41U
42 Ti-XPFNU09-42U Ti-XPFNU10-42U
43 Ti-XPFNU09-43U Ti-XPFNU10-43U
44 Ti-XPFNU09-44U Ti-XPFNU10-44U
45 Ti-XPFNU09-45U Ti-XPFNU10-45U
46 Ti-XPFNU09-46U Ti-XPFNU10-46U
Primary 3

End Cap for Multi-Fix Nails
Tibial XLT-045M-SS XLT-045M-Ti
Femoral XLF-046M-SS XLF-046M-Ti