Broken Nail Removal Instruments Set Q - SERIES
Q.675 Broken Nail Removal Instruments Set Q - SERIES
Codes Set Consisting of : Units
Q.675.01 Connecting Rod, M1x3.5mm 1
Q.675.03 Connecting Rod, Taper 1x3.5mm 1
Q.675.05 Connecting Rod, M2x5mm 1
Q.675.07 Connecting Rod, Taper 2x5mm 1
Q.675.09 Connecting Rod, M3x6mm 1
Q.675.11 Connecting Rod, M4x7mm 1
Q.675.13 Connecting Rod, M5x8mm 1
Q.675.15 Connecting Rod, M6x9mm 1
Q.675.17 Connecting Rod, M7x10mm (left-handed) 1
Q.675.19 Connecting Rod, M8x11mm 1
Q.675.21 Connecting Rod, M9x12mm 1
Q.675.23 Connecting Rod, M10x10mm 1
Q.675.25 Connecting Rod, M11x12mm 1
Q.675.27 Connecting Rod, M12x11mm 1
Q.675.29 Connecting Rod, M13x7mm 1
Q.675.31 Connecting Rod, Taper 3x9mm 1
Q.675.33 L Type Wrench 1
Q.675.35 L Type Hexagon Wrench 1
Q.675.37 Open End Wrench 1
Q.675.39 PFNA Blade Screwdriver, Left-hand thread 1
Q.675.41 PFNA Blade Screwdriver, Right hand thread 1
Q.675.43 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW2.5x150mm 1
Q.675.45 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW3.0x150mm 1
Q.675.47 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW3.5x150mm 1
Q.675.49 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW4.0x150mm 1
Q.675.51 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW4.5x150mm 1
Q.675.53 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW5.0x150mm 1
Q.675.55 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW7.0x150mm 1
Q.675.57 Hex Screwdriver Shaft, SW8.0x150mm 1
Q.675.59 Blade Extractor 1
Q.675.61 Extractor (Connected to the Connecting Rod Handle Q.675.63) 1
Q.675.63 Connecting Rod Handle 1
Q.675.65 Quick Coupling Handle, T type 1
Q.675.67 Sliding Hammer (Cylindrical) 1
Q.675.000 Empty Container 1