Template with Handle Type A
Code No. Size
Q.19525 2.5
Q.19535 3.5

Template with Handle Type B
Code No. Size
Q.19625 2.5
Q.19635 3.5

Wire Tensioner, SS
Code No. Size
Q.19915 1.5mm
Q.19920 2.0mm
Q.19925 2.5mm
Q.19930 3.0mm
Q.19935 3.5mm
Q.19940 4.0mm

Screw Driver, SS
Code No. Size
Q.19120 2.0mm
Q.19125 2.5mm
Q.19130 3.0mm
Q.19135 3.5mm
Q.19140 4.0mm
Q.19150 5.0mm
Q.19160 6.0mm

Hex Wrench, SS
Code No. Size
Q.19203 3mm
Q.19204 4mm
Q.19205 5mm
Q.19206 6mm

Combination Wrench, SS
Code No. Size
Q.19310 10mm
Q.19313 13mm

Open Spanner, SS
Code No. Size
Q.1941014 10-14mm
Q.1941316 13-16mm

Tapered Trocar & Guide, SS
Code No. Size
Q.19803 3mm
Q.19804 4mm
Q.19805 5mm
Q.19806 6mm