Lypo Suction Cannula - Mercedes Holes 8/10/12 Inches Long
Dia. in mm Type
Straight Curved
2 90.378S-a -
3 90.378S-b 90.378C-b
4 90.378S-c 90.378C-c
5 90.378S-d 90.378C-d
6 90.378S-e 90.378C-e
8 90.378S-f 90.378C-f
10 90.378S-g 90.378C-g

Lagenback Retractor
Code No. Dia
90.442a 1 mm
90.442b 2 mm
90.442c 3 mm
90.442d 4 mm
90.442e 5 mm
90.442f 6 mm

Frazier Suction Cannula
Code No. Types
90.399a 2 mm
90.399b 3 mm
90.399c 4 mm
90.399d 5 mm

Knife for Rhinoplasty
Code No. 90.381

Finger Saw
Code No. 90.400

Tessier Maxillary Mobiliser - Right
Code No. 95.182

Tessier Maxillary Mobiliser - Left
Code No. 95.181

Mini Bone Drill with 3 Collets in Fibre Handle
Code No. 90.06

K Wire Bender Cutter & Plier
Code No. 90.387

Fickling Dental Mallet
Code No. 90.403

Nylon Faced Hammer
Code No. Types
90.445a Small
90.445b Medium
90.445c Large

Bone File-Nasal Raspatory
Code No. 90.412

Wire Cutter for Soft Wires
Code No. 90.427

Wire Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Tip for Soft Wires TCT
Code No. 90.424

Drill & Tap Guide for Maxillofacial
Code No. 90.25

Empty Container for Craniomaxillofacial Implants
Code No. 900.100

Empty Container for Craniomaxillofacial Instruments
Code No. 900.101

Wire Twister - Pencil Type
Code No. 90.421

Mesh Bender
Code No. 90.433

Malts Rasp
Code No. 90.448

Arch Bar Cutter
Code No. 90.415