Ward Osteotome
Code No. Size
90.150a 4 mm
90.150b 6 mm
90.150c 8 mm
90.150d 10 mm

Nasal Chisel with Guard
Size in mm Code
Left Right
5 90.159L-a 90.159R-a
8 90.159L-b 90.159R-b
10 90.159L-c 90.159R-c
Mini Osteotome
Size in mm Code
Straight Curved
2 90.162S-a 90.162C-a
4 90.162S-b 90.162C-b
5 90.162S-c 90.162C-c
6 90.162S-d 90.162C-d
8 90.162S-e 90.162C-e
10 90.162S-f 90.162C-f

Rhyno Wall Osteotome
Code No. Size
90.153a Straight
90.153b Left
90.153c Right

Tessier Osteotome
Code No. 95.43

Nasal Septum Osteotome with Guard - U Shape
Code No. 90.156