Warwick James Elevator
Code No. Types
90.179a Oval
90.179b Rectangular

Key's Fine Elevator
Code No. Size
90.188a 6 mm
90.188b 8 mm
90.188c 10 mm

Rowe Zygomatic Elevator
Code No. Size
90.210a 8 mm
90.210b 12 mm

Palate Dissector - Right & Left in Pair with Fibre Handle
Code No. 90.182

Cryer Elevator - Right & Left in Pair with Hollow Handle
Code No. 90.185

Coupland Elevator with Fibre Handle
Code No. 90.173

Ward Periosteal Elevator Fan Shapped
Code No. 90.191

Bone Elevator
Code No. 90.176

Malar Elevator - Blunt 8mm
Code No. 90.194

Mcdonald Dissector
Code No. 90.197

Howarth Elevator
Code No. 90.181

Molt Elevator Double Ended
Code No. 90.184

Moon Probe
Code No. 90.196

Farabeuf Rugine Double Ended Periosteal Elevator
Code No. 90.187

Farabeuf Rugine - Curved Periosteal Elevator
Code No. 90.192

Farabeuf Rugine - Straight Periosteal Elevator
Code No. 90.193

Cottle Elevator Graduated Double Ended
Code No. 90.201

Bristow Elevator Fine
Code No. 90.204

Code No. 95.145

Cryer X Bar Elevator Pair with T-Hanlde
Code No. 90.207