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Continuous Loop Fixation
Features Description
Construct Continuous loop of suture braid eliminates the need for knot tying and allows for a larger portion of graft to reside in the tunnel.
Efficient Preloaded with braided U Fiber (USP #5 lead and USP#5 flipping for added procedure efficiency.
Greater strength Highest failure load compared to competitive technologies.
Accommodates various graft lengths One Size titanium button is available with multiple pre-measured loop sizes of 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 mm lengths.
Trully endoscopic procedure Does not require a second incision.
Clinically proven Supported by over 5 years of clinical success
Promotes instertion site healing Rests on the cortical bone surface.
Strong cortical fixation Provides dependable fixation regardless of cancellous bone quality.
Provides tactile "Flipping" feedback Ensures proper seating of device.
Hassle-free revision surgeries Standard technique allows for endoscopic revision without lateral incision and bone removal.
Most comprehensive line of femoral fixation solutions Can be used in Single Bundle soft tissue fixation, Double Bundle soft tissue fixation, Bone Tendon Bone fixation.

Cl Fixation System
Code No. Size mm
SM006.12 12
SM006.15 15
SM006.20 20
SM006.25 25
SM006.30 30
SM006.35 35
SM006.40 40

Fixation Button with Adjustable Loop

Fixation Button with Adjustable Loop provides ultrastrong fixation and is uniquely designed to help protect the graft during loop reduction.

Code No. Description
SM009 Adjustable Loop

Interference Screws Cannulated - Titanium

Interference Screws are used for cruciate ligament reconstruction and indicated for soft tissue and BTB grafts.

Titanium Interference Screws is 1.5mm cannulation, blunt threads, (Standard and enlarged) Round heads.

Code No. Size mm
Ti-630.07-20 07x20
Ti-630.07-25 07x25
Ti-630.07-30 07x30
Ti-630.08-20 08x20
Ti-630.08-25 08x25
Ti-630.08-30 08x30
Ti-630.09-20 09x20
Ti-630.09-25 09x25
Ti-630.09-30 09x30
Ti-630.10-20 10x20
Ti-630.10-25 10x25
Ti-630.10-30 10x30
Ti-630.11x20 11x20
Ti-630.11x25 11x25
Ti-630.11x30 11x30

Interference Screws Cannulated - Peek
Code No. Size mm
Pk-630.07-20 07x20
Pk-630.07-25 07x25
Pk-630.07-30 07x30
Pk-630.08-20 08x20
Pk-630.08-25 08x25
Pk-630.08-30 08x30
Pk-630.09-20 09x20
Pk-630.09-25 09x25
Pk-630.09-30 09x30
Pk-630.10-20 10x20
Pk-630.10-25 10x25
Pk-630.10-30 10x30
Pk-630.11x20 11x20
Pk-630.11x25 11x25
Pk-630.11x30 11x30

Meniscal Repair Needles
Code No. Description
SM024 Meniscal Repair Needles
#2-0 L:75cm
Straight Needle L: 25cm

Adjustable Loop For Tibial Attachable Disk

Loop for fibia Attachable Disk can be used on all graft types and attach to a variety of disk configurations for fixation over "retroreamed" sockets or full tunnels with Tibia Attachable Disk.

  • The advantages of Loop for Tibia Attachable Disk:
  • Strong, reliable cortical fixation superior to intergerence screws
  • Maximum graft-to-bone contact improves incorporation and healing
  • The ability to retension grafts after fixation and knee cycling
  • Several different disk options for sockets and full tunnels.

Code No. Size mm
SM027 Adjustable Loop

Tibial Attachable Disk Titanium

Tibial Attachable Disk may be used for tibial fixation of the graft in Cruciate reconstruction technique for all Inside ACL reconstruction technique or for fixation of the graft over samll bone tunnels created during transtibial ACL reconstruction.

Code No. Size mm
SM030.11 11mm, Collar 4mm
SM030.14 14mm, Collar 7mm
SM030.20 20mm, Collar 9mm

Tibial Suture Disk Titanium

Titanium suture disk is for fixating grafts with sutures. Suture disk is available with D' Hole and round hole.

Code No. Tibial Suture Disk D’Hole
SM033 Tibial Suture Disk D’Hole
SM036 Tibial Suture Disk Round Hole

Spiked Ligament Staple Titanium

Spike Ligament Staple use for reduce the frequency of secondary removal due to patient discomfort caused by soft tissue irritation. Spike Ligament Staple is available in small, Medium and large size.

Code No. Sizes
SM039-S Small
SM039-M Medium
SM039-L Large

Loop Button Titanium
Code No. Description
SM042 Loop Button

Tibial Post Fixation Screw 6.5 Mm - Titanium

Tibial Post Screw flat head design eliminates need for waher when tying sutures around a post.

Code No. Size in mm
SM045-20 20
SM045-25 25
SM045-30 30
SM045-35 35
SM045-40 40

Spiked Washer - Titanium

Spiked washer is design for Low profile cancellous screw. Spiked washer is used for knee reconstruction procedures.

Code No. Size mm
SM048 Spiked Washer for 4.0mm Cancellous Screw
SM051 Spiked Washer for 6.5mm Cancellous Screw

Low Profile Cancellous Screw 4.0mm - Titanium

Low profile Cancellous screw has an extremely low profile head to reduce soft tissue irritation. Low profile cancellous screw is available in 4.0 mm and 6.5mm Diameter and various length also.

Code No. Sizes in mm
SM053-25 25
SM053-30 30
SM053-35 35
SM053-40 40
SM053-45 35

Low Profile Cancellous Screw 6.5mm - Titanium

Low profile Cancellous screw has an extremely low profile head to reduce soft tissue irritation. Low profile cancellous screw is available in 4.0 mm and 6.5mm Diameter and various length also.

Code No. Sizes in mm
SM057-25 25
SM057-30 30
SM057-35 35
SM057-40 40
SM053-45 45
SM057-50 50
SM057-55 55
SM057-60 60

Graft Preparation Board

No matter what kind of ACL reconstruction you perform, the Graft Preparation System is the only board you'll need. Built for single-bundle, double-bundle and bone-tendon-bone (BTB) repairs, it is also designed to work with our family of LoopLoc fixation devices, which provides simple fixation solutions for even the most difficult ACL and PCL reconstructions.

Code Set Consisting of :
SM100.086 Graft Preparation Board
SM100.089 Graft Board Cutting Strip
SM100.087 Graft Board Sliding Base
SM100.090 Graft Board Slotted Sizing Block
SM100.091 Loop Holder
SM100.092 Suture Vise with Tensiometer
SM100.102 Suture Vise
SM100.088 Graft Board Tissue Grasper
SM100.094 Graft Board BTB Holder
SM100.093 Tensioning Post